ScrapFest 2012 Oshawa

15 10 2012

Hi All,

This past Friday and Saturday I was up in Oshawa for ScrapFest 2012 at Durham College. I had fun however I think this will be the last year that I attend the crop because the florescent lighting in the gymnasium where the crop takes place is just too glaring. I wound up Friday night at my brother’s house in Whitby with a really bad migraine that started as soon as I arrived at the crop.

Also again I was disappointed by the meagre meal options. Although this year the college had their Tim Horton’s vending area open later than last year and had good options,  the ScrapFest organizers chose to go with a mobile Tea company that was not up to par for our Saturday night treat. They were 1 hour late starting on Saturday (which was probably due to SF organizers) and when we finally lined up buffet style, the options only included cucumber sandwiches and shredded cheese sandwiches. Who in their right mind would serve shredded cheese at an English tea?? The few tea biscuits  they had were for decorational purposes and therefore they ran out after the first 10 ppl and there were at least 180 of us in attendence. To top it off there was no real protein such as egg salad, tuna or salmon that is a normal standard in proper tea! It wasn’t like I was asking for caviar! And no scones to be seen, not to mention jam or clotted cream!

So I am sorry to say that this was my last crop in Oshawa, due to poor planning on their part. BTW the crop was not free, we each paid minimum $77.00 for the 2 days. In November, I am going to a one day crop in Woodbridge put on by a lovely lady who really knows how to do a crop. Complete with 2 meals (1 hot), numerous snacks and prizes galore! All for the value pricing of $55.00. It is too bad she doesn’t run ScrapFest!

The good news was that I was able to sit with lovely ladies from Pointer’s which is my local scrapbook store and I was able to buy alot of loot. More on that in my next post.




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