Hamilton Burlington Animal Control

25 07 2010

I am so fed up with the above animal control and the adjoining SPCA. They lie to the public and they omit the truth to the newspaper. The animal control is not open to the public for adoptions and they charge the public to hand over their animal and then euthanise it without telling them. The SPCA has been leasing their building to the animal control and only uses a small part of it themselves to adopt out animals. The majority of the cats are euthanised, some within 3 days of arriving. This includes mother cats and their kittens.

If you are interested in helping, spread the word and if you have the space please consider fostering a cat from this shelter.
This is the web site for the Hamilton Burlington list of cats that need to be desperately rescued. The contact info is for a shelter employee who is nice enough to post the cats on this website, please do not email her with criticism, if it wasn’t for her, the cats wouldn’t get out at all!

This is a blog from a woman that rescues from this shelter. please contact her via the “comment” feature if you can foster a cat. Any cat marked U or Urgent is on the death row list.






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