Dr. Pol versus Dr. Keri

10 01 2018

Animal Planet has a new series called Dr. Keri: Prairie Vet. It’s about a rural vet in Manitoba who treats both large and small animals in a mobile vet clinic. Dr. Keri is refreshing especially her gentle care of cows. Compared to Dr. Pol who does not use epidurals or any type of Anesthetic. I recently watched an episode that showed Dr. Keri giving a cow an epidural to help ease the pain of delivering her calf.

Versus Dr. Pol’s many episodes where he just ties the cow down and rips the calf out, never epidurals and very little if any thought for the cows comfort. His associate Dr. Emily Thomas  is equally if not more aggressive towards cows as one episode featured a cow that had it’s head stuck under a fence and she didn’t release it instead she used that as a tool to secure the cow and pulled the calf out almost strangling the cow in the process. I don’t know why animal rights activists aren’t all over this. I reduced my dairy intake by 75% after watching Dr. Pol.



Starbucks Please open a Humane Dairy

8 01 2018

I like tall Frappuccinos and I cannot lie! But I feel guilty knowing I am buying a drink that contributes to the inhumane dairy industry. So I ask you Starbucks to please open a humane dairy like Ahimsa Milk which is located just outside of London, England. You can add a few cents to your drinks and your customers will still be happy and even happier with your generosity and philanthropy! And maybe a humane dairy moo-vement (pun intended) will follow much like free range eggs!

At the Ahimsa Dairy no cow, calf or bull is sent for slaughter. At regular dairies male calves are weaned (taken away from their Mom) at 3-4 days, kept in veal pens to around 5 months and then sent off for slaughter and veal processing!

Dairy cows are typically slaughtered at 4 years when their milk production slows down, but cows can live for 20 years and these girls have already given their time, don’t they deserve a happy retirement?

At a humane dairy, calves would be kept with their moms [the milk cows] for at least a week, and if cows got pregnant at different times this should allow for an adequate supply of milk for those Frappuccinos!

And no artificial insemination here, this amounts to rape in my opinion, same goes for anal pregnancy checks, bring back the ultrasounds and the bulls please!

Mastitis is a breast infection that is common to both humans and cows. In the dairy industry, it is not always properly treated. However at a humane dairy, the cows suffering from this would be taken off the dairy line, given medication and time to recover before going back to milking.

According to CETA (Canadians for the Ethical Treatment of Farm Animals), slaughter house inspectors regularly see dairy cows that suffered “Lameness… including sole ulceration, laminitis, and hoof rot from being made to stand in their own excrement their entire lives. Some cows have internal disorders such as twisted stomachs, torn udder ligaments, pneumonia, or acute or chronic mastitis (a painful bacteria infection of their teats that causes them to expel puss along with their milk. Rather than provide a simple round of antibiotics, some producers in Canada cut the blocked teat off in an attempt to continue milking her)”

The humane dairy farmer should be adequately paid as this is a luxury item and therefore animal abuse would not be tolerated! Mercy For Animals should be able to drop by any time they wanted!




http://canadadairy.mercyforanimals.org/ (warning this is graphic)


Canada Goose is Canada’s Shame!

8 01 2018

I get so angry and have no faith in our future generation and even older generations when I see them walking around in Canada Goose jackets! Do they not realize that they are exactly the same as ladies who wore fur in the eighties?

If you believe that Canada Goose kills their coyotes humanely then you also must still believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy! Google coyote trapping and see for yourself how they are really killed!

I have taken below from the Four Paws website as I could not say it any better… I have clarified in square brackets [  ]

[Canada Goose] claims, that the animals are trapped in the “most humane way possible”…

“There is NO such thing as humane trapping! Once the animals are trapped, [their paws are stapled by metal clamps going through their muscles and tissues and bone, ouch!], they are often stuck for a long time without food or water [as trappers do not check their traps every day]. Many animals die from dehydration, blood loss and hypothermia. Others try to chew or [pull] off the trapped limb [paw] in order to escape, breaking their teeth and [amputating] bones. Various other species such as Canadian lynx’, as well as cats and dogs get injured or killed in traps [every year].”




Canadian Horses being live shipped to Japan for meat

8 01 2018

I am so disgusted that our Canadian Federal government is still allowing horses in Manitoba to be live shipped to Japan for meat. They are not shipped in separate stalls like they should be and would be if they were for riding like race horses, show jumpers or any type of pleasure riding instead they are boxed in wooden crates where they can kick and bite and cause injury to themselves and others.

Once in Japan, the horses are off loaded using cattle prods and taken to the slaughter facility.

See the following for further info and please email, mail the Japanese Embassy in Toronto and nicely suggest that they slaughter the horses in Manitoba and then send the meat to Japan, where at least they do not have to suffer a 10 hour and 27 minute flight in a wooden box!!

I suggest you be as nice and professional as possible and stress that their decision affects your decision to visit Japan as a tourist.

Postal Address:

Consulate General of Japan

Suite 3300
77 King Street West
PO Box 10, TD Centre
Toronto, ON M5K 1A1

Live horses shipped from Canadian airports to Japan for slaughter



ScrapFest Loot!

15 10 2012

Okay so this year I remembered to go to the bank and bring cash as last year most of the vendors would not take credit cards, this year of course as murphy’s law prevailed most of the vendors took credit card! This lead me to spend a fortune as I had recently purchased a Big Shot and wanted to buy the dies to go with it. On the Friday I found one vendor who had a few dies but not the main ones I was looking for but on Saturday I found a major vendor and went very bananas buying all the dies I wanted. They were cheaper than my local store. I also got carried away at Local King Rubber Stamps which happens every year as their stamps are so amazing! I promised myself I would not buy stamps but as usual I lied! lol


Mama and babies set LKRS

Window stamp and matching die cut, Include Muskoka chair and sayings LKRS

Birds on a Wire, LKRS

Ancient Chinese Village with waterfall, used

Mama rabbit and babies Christmas, used

Happy Father’s Day, used (yes I already have one from Great Impressions but these are hard to find!)

Outdoor Cats and Christmas Tree, can’t remember store

Cat Alphabet Stamp,

This stamp will be purrrrfect for my foster kittens scrapbooking!


Holiday Trees; Lacey Scallops Oval; Lacey Scallops Circle; Postage Stamp.

Brads (links are not to store purchased at)

Wreath Brads ; Stocking Brads; Fish brads; cat brads

ScrapFest 2012 Oshawa

15 10 2012

Hi All,

This past Friday and Saturday I was up in Oshawa for ScrapFest 2012 at Durham College. I had fun however I think this will be the last year that I attend the crop because the florescent lighting in the gymnasium where the crop takes place is just too glaring. I wound up Friday night at my brother’s house in Whitby with a really bad migraine that started as soon as I arrived at the crop.

Also again I was disappointed by the meagre meal options. Although this year the college had their Tim Horton’s vending area open later than last year and had good options,  the ScrapFest organizers chose to go with a mobile Tea company that was not up to par for our Saturday night treat. They were 1 hour late starting on Saturday (which was probably due to SF organizers) and when we finally lined up buffet style, the options only included cucumber sandwiches and shredded cheese sandwiches. Who in their right mind would serve shredded cheese at an English tea?? The few tea biscuits  they had were for decorational purposes and therefore they ran out after the first 10 ppl and there were at least 180 of us in attendence. To top it off there was no real protein such as egg salad, tuna or salmon that is a normal standard in proper tea! It wasn’t like I was asking for caviar! And no scones to be seen, not to mention jam or clotted cream!

So I am sorry to say that this was my last crop in Oshawa, due to poor planning on their part. BTW the crop was not free, we each paid minimum $77.00 for the 2 days. In November, I am going to a one day crop in Woodbridge put on by a lovely lady who really knows how to do a crop. Complete with 2 meals (1 hot), numerous snacks and prizes galore! All for the value pricing of $55.00. It is too bad she doesn’t run ScrapFest!

The good news was that I was able to sit with lovely ladies from Pointer’s which is my local scrapbook store and I was able to buy alot of loot. More on that in my next post.

Rose Blank Card

23 09 2012

Rose Blank Card

uses stamp ‘Rose Trio’ Great Impressions